Friday, January 21, 2011

Tribute #21: Kevin Cruickshank

My first ad gig out of school was at Hill Holliday. I loved being part of the digital team, but due to us working in a "cave" we were somewhat sequestered from the rest of the agency. The majority of the other creatives worked on offline accounts and in spite of our lack of interaction at HH I was lucky enough to get to know Kevin Cruickshank. 

With a last name that sounds like a highly technical bike component, perhaps it was written in the stars that Kevin would become an avid cyclist. As I got to know Kevin I saw the strength and dedication he shows on a bike flow into other aspects of his life as well. When faced with extremely difficult situations he tackles them the same way he would a difficult climb - head down, focused, giving nothing less than his all. I believe Kevin's spirit and quiet defiance will carry him up and over life's toughest climbs. 

Kevin, thanks for being an amazing example of how to weather life's toughest storms. You are an inspiration on and off the bike. Wishing you many miles of great rides ahead. Write on. Ride on.

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Kick Ass Kevin

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