Thursday, April 14, 2016

How Great Thou Art

Last Sunday afternoon, my brother Frankie and I set out to explore. The only plan was to wander. To see where the path led. Okay, well the path obviously led us to coffee first, and then a bookstore and the park in Fort Greene.

Frankie suggested we check out Brooklyn Navy Yard. So on we went. The Yard was somewhere close by but we never quite saw it. We walked past the NYPD impound lot, a block-long buzzing grid of electrical wires that power the borough, and snapped a photo of John St. to share with Johnny.

We made a stop at Brooklyn Roasting to grab some beans, and then we saw it. The majestic Manhattan Bridge. I have to admit I never fully appreciated the beauty of this bridge until that very moment. The rays of the setting sun cast a beautiful, mesmerizing glow and I couldn't look away.

Leading up to the bridge I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness and peace. I was exactly where I needed to be and the sunshine warmed me on that chilly afternoon. I snapped a few selfies to capture the moment, then followed Frankie who was already a few steps ahead.


We stumbled on the small beach directly under the bridge, and in one of the busiest cities in the world somehow Frankie and I were the only ones there. It was ours for the taking. As I stood looking up in awe, Frankie headed towards the rocks.

I watched my little brother fearlessly climb to the top and then sit in a moment of reflection. This year has been challenging for many of us, yet somehow Frankie has found a way to navigate the rockiness with grace.


As the sun dropped lower in the sky it was time to journey on, and as we headed towards downtown Brooklyn, we received one final display.

There was something magical about that afternoon, and though I couldn't quite put my finger on it I felt extremely grateful. It wasn't until days later, when scrolling through my photos, that I noticed it. A small green circle of light. It first appeared when I saw the bridge, then in my selfies, as Frankie climbed the rocks, and then finally said goodbye with the setting sun.

Lens flare, a spec of dust, a fluke. No, I believe something greater was at work. A loved one (or ones) was with us that day. Right by our sides. Experiencing the wonder and beauty of it all. And when I think of the symbolism of a bridge, it becomes clear that no matter where we go, or where we are, we remain ever connected.

How great thou art.

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