Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tribute #25: Laura Russell Mikrut

The sign approaching Holt, Michigan reads, A Friendly Place to Live. Growing up in this small town made me long to live somewhere more glamorous, like in cities of lights or ones that never sleep. Yet, once I ventured beyond Holt I gained a whole new appreciation for the Friendly Place and the people, like Laura Russell Mikrut, it brought up.  

What makes Laura such an interesting person is that behind her sweet demeanor lives a biting sense of humor. I think that's the best combo to have in a friend. Someone who can be caring and help you through the hard times, and then make you laugh at the craziness of life. Laura seems to have mastered the art of both.

Laura, thanks for brightening my day with your posts. Your hilarious observations often bring a smile to my face. It looks like you're doing marvelous and loving life. You should know that six out of six Quasarano kids highly endorse your awesomeness.

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