Monday, September 27, 2010

Tribute #11: Angelica Madero

“Life is too important to be taken seriously” is one of my favorite quotes. I can bust out my irreverent side every now and then, but the majority of the time I make rationale, calculated decisions. I strive to be more spontaneous, to not worry about tomorrow, and to just have fun. One of my mentors in this pursuit is Angelica Madero.

I met Angie through my friend Courtney, and she quickly became a weekend staple on our futon at 286 5th Ave. I’ll always have fond memories of us venturing across the Manhattan bridge, flashbulbs flashing through the darkness taking mandatory backseat cab pictures. No matter what the night held, we knew we’d have fun.

In addition to her carefree side, Angie is a strong, passionate woman, driven by her love of family. Although the youngest of 4 girls, she often times fills the caretaker role, looking out for others needs and wants before her own. She never does this begrudgingly. Angie treats her friends like family and is the most amazing best friend to one of my favorite people- Courtney Rohlk.  

Angie, thank you for encouraging me to be more spontaneous. I will never forget our America’s Next Top Model photo shoot at Montauk. Totally out of character for me, I had so much fun working those fierce poses on the beach. You bring out the best in people, and I can’t help but take life less seriously when I’m with you. 

Montauk's Next Top Model

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