Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rot & Regeneration

Have you ever read your horoscope and been eerily amazed at how accurate it is?
I give you my horoscope from last week taken from
Each one of us is a blend of life and death. In the most literal sense, our bodies always contain old cells that are dying and new cells that are emerging as replacements. From a more metaphorical perspective, our familiar ways of seeing and thinking and feeling are constantly atrophying, even as fresh modes emerge. Both losing and winning are woven into every day; sinking down and rising up; shrinking and expanding. In any given phase of our lives, one or the other polarity is usually more pronounced. But for you in the foreseeable future, Aquarius, they will be evenly balanced. Welcome to the Season of Rot and Regeneration.

This horoscope hit home, as just last week I cast my blog about celebrating life and death out into the universe. More than that though it got me to reflect on Rot and Regeneration.

Autumn is upon us which makes me think ahead to the beautiful changing colors and the leaves that will soon fall. I've observed that some leaves are trailblazers, tailspinning happily to the ground, while other leaves cling to the branch, afraid to fall.

I am more of a clinger than a trailblazer. I tend to mull over the prospect of change instead of spontaneously letting go. I tend to hang onto the safe branch. This past year I have made a conscious effort to trust in the power of change. I have done better at letting go. This year I have found the faith to detach a bit sooner.

It's important to remember that each of us deals with change and loss in our own time. We should never try to talk someone off the branch. They will come to terms with what's before them in good time. However, we should all remember that it's the fall that spurs new growth.

In the end, when we reach our ultimate end, I like to believe we all find the faith to fall. 

Trust the fall

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  1. Rosie, you are one of the bravest people I know. Inspiring!