Monday, August 30, 2010

Tribute #6: Melissa Bowen

City life can be wonderful, but it can also be hard. What I learned early on is that in order to not get swallowed up and lose myself I had to surround myself with good people. I've been fortunate enough to have Melissa Bowen as a good friend in NYC and now in Chicago, too.

Those who know me can attest to my weird sense of humor, and those who first meet me don’t always get it. When I first met Melissa she not only got my sense of humor, but dished it right back in my face. It was a sarcastic match made in heaven. The times we hang out are often filled with good food, great drinks and a few delicious hookahs. Melissa has such a positive attitude and zest for life that you can’t help but be happy when you're with her.

Melissa is driven to be the best personal trainer ever, but that doesn't mean she has no life outside of the gym. Melissa works hard and plays hard, finding the delicate balance between each. For someone who is admittingly lame, I admire her for never passing on an opportunity to be around friends and fun no matter how tired she may be.

Melissa, thanks for being awesome and encouraging me to get out and let this Windy City whip through my hair. You definitely make life more fun and I promise to try my best to not be so lame and to take you up on more of your invites out. 

Melissa = Fun

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