Friday, August 27, 2010

Tribute #5: Liz Ribby

If Liz Ribby were to be persecuted for being a saint I'm pretty sure she’d volunteer to be burned at the stake, or maybe even choose the rack just so she could cry, “More weight!” To put it simply, Liz does well, and I mean really well, pushing through pain. I dare say she even thrives on it.

As one of my oldest friends, I’ve had the privilege of seeing Liz grow from a tiny little third grader all the way up to a Clerk at the Supreme Court of Michigan. Throughout the years we’ve experienced a lot together. Some of our best-shared memories include being partners during drivers ed (we named our car “Lucille”) our hysterical prom picture, and running cross country together. During sophomore year Liz finished as one of the top regional runners, which is impressive unto itself, let alone the fact that she ran the entire second half of the season with a stress fracture!

The will and determination that Liz showed during high school carried her all the way through MSU and onto Cooley Law. Ask anyone who’s been through law school and they’ll attest to the sheer hell of it. There were more times than not that Liz seemed overworked and rundown, but she pushed through. In the end my little Liz not only excelled, but graduated #1 in her class. Even today, working for the Supreme Court, Liz continues to drive herself. Setting personal goals that seem impossible until she squashes them.

I admire Liz for her ability to push through pain, but more than that I look to her as an example of how to love. The woman who fights her way through life took off her gloves when it came to finding love. For I would say that loving Brian is the easiest thing I've ever seen Liz do. No pain, no effort, just pure happiness.  

Liz, thanks for proving that there are some things in life worth pain and suffering, however, when it comes to love, and finding true love, you’ve shown me that it is meant to be the easiest, most painless experience in the world. 

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Liz & her Betrothed Brian

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