Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tribute #3: Thelma Kynalis

Blood is thicker than water, and I’m pretty sure Mediterranean blood is the thickest. Maybe that’s why Thelma Kynalis and I felt so close right away. She was one of my first friends in NYC, and our friendship only grew stronger over the years. She was the grigio to my pinot and is someone who I fondly referred to as my wing bitch. (Think wing man for guys.) 

Don’t let Thelma’s good looks fool you into thinking she’s a girly girl. She played hockey in college (and still does) and on more than one occasion I saw her throw a good ‘bow when making her way through a crowded bar. As someone who can definitely be a pushover I respected this aggressiveness and would happily follow in the open path she created.

Thelma, thanks for teaching me that it's ok to push through the crowd if it means standing up for myself, and for proving that you’re never too old to make a lifelong friend. Oh, and for turning me onto the magical healing power of Schweppes. Miss you, wing bitch. 

Pinot & Grigio

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