Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tribute #17: Cooper Smith

Having no clue where I was headed after The Creative Circus, I'm fortunate that I ended up in NYC as a decent amount of Circus grads settled there, too. On a daily basis I found myself surrounded by millions of strangers, but was comforted to know there were friends nearby. Among this wonderful Circus crew was the one and only Cooper Smith.

As unique as his name, Cooper adds a positive spin to any situation. He always seems genuinely happy and when he's around the mood is lighter, the jokes funnier and the hugs are free flowing. I think it's safe to say Cooper holds the distinction as best hug giver ever.

Cooper, thanks for always making me laugh and for your stellar hugs. I'm glad I got the opportunity to get to know you better these past few years. Keep holding Brooklyn down. I hope to visit sometime soon.

Copywriting Even Off The Clock

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