Friday, December 10, 2010

Tribute #19: Kristin Butler

One of my favorite jobs in college was working as a barista at a coffee shop. I loved getting to know the regulars and having their drinks ready the minute they stepped through the door. One of these regulars was a very creative woman who would come in to enjoy a latte (I want to say a decaf mocha, but it's been awhile) and work on her art. As it turns out, this awesome woman happened to be the mother of Kristin Butler. 

I felt like I knew Kristin before I even met her. Her mother talked about her with such pride, beaming about what a smart, creative, and hard working daughter she had. Kristin and I ended up attending the Creative Circus around the same time, and though parents can be a bit biased now that I know Kristin I can attest to her mother's claims.

Kristin, thanks for being a great example of where hard work can get you. You seem to excel at whatever you set your mind to and that's a great quality to possess. Hope you're doing great and congrats on your recent engagement!  

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She's Going the Distance

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