Friday, October 1, 2010

Tribute #12: Keith Davenport

Yeah, I was a band nerd. Luckily a few hundred other Holt high schoolers were too, so I was in good company. Sophomore year I went to New Orleans and Orlando on our band trip, and it was one of the best times ever. I attribute a large part of that fun to getting to hang with Keith Davenport.  

From our friendship spawned during those high school days, I have seen Keith go from being a student at Ferris, starting his career in Chicago, getting married to my best friend Adrienne, moving to El Paso to head up a huge project, and becoming a Dad to my favorite baby, Collette. Each and every step of the way, Keith has proceeded with a confidence that few possess.

Sometimes I think Keith was born in the wrong era. A true pioneer with a cowboy spirit, he constantly seeks new horizons and has a strong sense of adventure. Living in the 21st century must not be the easiest for someone born to run free, but Keith does a great job of venturing between the charted and uncharted territories of his life.

Keith, thanks for being an amazing husband and father to two of my favorite ladies. I have been blessed to see you evolve and grow over the years. In all of your future endeavors may you continue to use your climbing skills- simply trust your grip and rise. 

One Amazing Climber

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